SMS Reminders

Help your customers manage their ongoing medication with a friendly reminder.  Healthnotes sends automated reminders to your patients for Next Repeat, Last Repeat, Expiring and Owing Scripts.  Patients can reply back via SMS with requests to order their medication.

(You can create your own message templates or simply use those provided).

Landline Reminders

Your patients provide their home phone number and receive a voice message when their next script repeat is due.

Script Tracker

Track upcoming and overdue scripts with Script Tracker.  View lost potential (total sales) and identify patients who may have fallen off the radar.  Stay connected with your customers, manage all their scripts and stay on top of your script business.


Keep an eye on your progress and performance with a range of reports in Healthnotes including Compliance, Monthly Dispense and Owing Reports and Script Tracker.

Group Messaging

Increase your sales by promoting in-store offers and services e.g. catalogue specials, flu clinics, health checks and FREE medicine reviews, trading hours etc.  This is great for local area marketing or for targeted groups AND it keeps your customer up-to-date!

GP Connect

Send Owing and Last Repeat script requests directly to your customer’s GP via email, fax and post.  GPs can access, approve and print these scripts via a secure online portal.

  • Particularly beneficial for Dose Administration Aids and Residential Aged Facility Care patients
  • GPs can print pre-generated scripts directly onto prescription paper
  • Script details, after approval by the GP, can be exported to an excel spread sheet for recording purposes
  • Pharmacists can send Script Request Summaries to GPs via fax or post in addition to email

It’s so helpful. Healthnotes brings customers back to our pharmacy. When we see a customer get confused with their scripts we suggest Healthnotes to keep them on track.

My customers love the convenience.